How “Nanny Carly” Began..

12 thoughts on “How “Nanny Carly” Began..”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Meghan and began to love Jimmy from the show!
    I am now obsessed with Aspen who brings a smile to my face whenever you share the wonderful videos of you and her adventures!
    Your patience and kindness with her has shown in her ever growing curiosity and her adventurous yet apprehensive spirit!! Keep the videos coming PLEASE,, and if you’re EVER in the NYC area I would love to schedule a play date!!


  2. Good for you Carly. Such a great story and I can’t believe you’re only 20. You seem so mature with a great head on your shoulders. Enjoy every minute. Love from Sydney Australia 💕💕💕💕


  3. You are adorable Carly! Cant wait to follow your journey when you start your own family one day – that will be so cool ! You are a natural! 😊
    Aka: mallzies 😉

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