Alpaca Ranch Adventure

Sep. 7, 2018

Yesterday’s adventure consisted of touring the Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch! Seriously so random, but at least it was something to change up what has become our predictable every day routine.

On the way to the farm we had to take this road that has the most beautiful view of Lake Coeur d’Alene, buttt it was right on the edge of a cliff. Talk about a fun start to the day. Once we survived the drive and finally made it to the farm tour, we were ready to go! Aspen however, was being her crazy self. I love how much she is fascinated with literally everything. Every few minutes you’d hear a “WOAH!” or a huge gasp.

The tour first started with an intro from the sweet retired couple that owns the farm and how they got got started. (Fun fact: apparently llamas are considered guard animals??). How fun would it be to have a farm someday? Not that I’m super into herding animals and picking up poop all the time. But, I mean, Aspen has given me experience in those fields. 😉

Hearing new facts is cool and all, but I (and Aspen) were getting so antsy to just go see the animals. That’s what we came for! Once we left the seating area she was OFF. SO ready to find any and all animals that she could. No cares about any dirt, poop, or falls she encountered along the way. We were able to see some miniature horses and donkeys first. Both of which were super sweet! I’d say they were the most friendly animals there. Besides the poor cat that was allowing Aspen to continuously attack it, of course..

Next, it was on to the goats and chickens. The owner of the ranch let me hold a tiny chick that was born earlier that morning! That little chick was incredibly tiny and felt so fragile. I was scared to move my hands at all once it was put there. Aspen was just obsessed with the whole experience. I’m just glad she didn’t try grabbing the chick to hold it bc that would’ve been a wholllle new problem. Yikes. We couldn’t stay there forever though, so on to the alpacas and llamas we go!

First, Alpacas are such a weird animal.. I don’t know if it was just these ones or what, but they all had the meanest underbites. I was seriously dying at how funny they looked! We were told that the fiber from their hair is “the jewel of the fiber world”, but to my disappointment, we weren’t able to touch them. Those crazy animals wouldn’t even let us come close! I can relate to that though. They are sweet if you just give them their space and watch them do their thing. But if they don’t like you or you’re mean to them, they’ll spit on you. (I think I found my spirit animal). We were also lucky enough to help them cross the road into the big pasture. What a cool sight to see!

All of the animals listened so well to their owner and you could tell she put in the work to have that connected relationship with them. It’s not often you get the opportunity to go to an alpaca farm! Maybe I’ll have to open one of my own someday.


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