20 Answers to YOUR top Questions!

2 thoughts on “20 Answers to YOUR top Questions!”

  1. Oh wow you have a HUGE family! I have no idea what that would be like since I’m an only child.
    Good luck on completing your bachelor’s degree! I have a bachelor’s in psychology & a minor in advertising. I’m also almost finished with my first year of my master’s program in child studies & I definitely recommend going for a master’s!
    That’s awesome you’ve been a nanny for 2.5 years & Aspen, Hart & Hayes are so cute!

    Tales of Belle

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    1. It is CRAZY. Always some kind of disagreement going on.

      Oh my gosh, that is basically what I’m trying to do! Bachelors in psychology but instead of advertising I’m doing a certificate in Public Relations. Thats awesome that you’re so far along! I still have two years left in my bachelors so I’m not sure what I want to get my Masters in yet.

      Thank you for all of your sweet comments!

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